About Yucalab

Our mission is to enrich connections within the Hispanic Market by creating culturally resonant content that’s engaging and relatable, making a meaningful impact.

Our Story

In the vibrant city of Barcelona, back in 2005, Alex and Jose crossed paths at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where they were both pursuing a master’s in Design and Management in Audiovisual Production. It didn’t take long for a creative spark to ignite between them, leading to a collaboration that would define their futures. The following year, along with Franchesca Guim, they founded BCN Producciones. This venture brought to life several audiovisual projects, including the TV show “Vía Latina” in the Dominican Republic, while they also shared their expertise through workshops for university students.

Fast forward a decade, Alex found herself in New York, contemplating a significant change. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, she left her job to establish Yucalab. Her vision? To craft bilingual content tailored for the growing Hispanic Market in the United States. A couple of years later, as Yucalab flourished, Jose joined the journey, reuniting with Alex as a business partner. Together, they struck a perfect balance: Alex’s creative talent complemented by Jose’s strategic insight.

Since 2015, Yucalab has thrived as a boutique content marketing agency, working with brands globally. We specialize in creating bilingual content that resonates with Spanish-speaking audiences across the United States, Latin America, and Spain.

For Alex and Jose, Yucalab is more than just their business; it’s a creative hub where their passions for audiovisual communication and digital marketing converge. They immerse themselves personally and professionally in each client’s brand. By fostering organic growth through valuable content and creative campaigns, they connect with audiences on a cultural level. Their goal is not just to attract consumers but also to enhance online visibility and transform these consumers into loyal fans.

A Duo Passionate About Yuca and Innovation – Meet Founders Alex & Jose

Alex Tabar | Founder & CEO of Yucalab

Alex Tabar

Founder & CEO

Jose Vicente Arcieri | Co-Founder & CCO of Yucalab

Jose Vicente Arcieri

Co-Founder & CCO

Alex, born in the Dominican Republic and having lived in Barcelona, Miami, and the Greater New York area, brings a unique blend of cultural understanding and creative skills to the media industry. With a bachelor’s degree in Advertising Communication and a master’s in Design and Audiovisual Production Management, she has amassed over two decades of diverse experience. Her career has spanned crafting engaging content for diverse media and digital projects, from entertainment to education. In the Dominican Republic, she co-produced popular TV shows such as “Piedra Papel y Tijera” and “Divertido con Jochy.”

Before founding Yucalab in 2015, Alex was the Multimedia Manager at an international non-profit for seven years, where she earned numerous awards, including “Best Short Documentary.” She pioneered the first-ever Spanish tour for Ocean in Google and the first Google Tour of the Dominican Republic, showcased at Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alex also contributed to publications such as “All Things Dominican,” the “Dominican Republic Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Environment,” and collaborated in the pre-production of the Dominican Republic and Haiti segments of “HUMAN The Movie.” Alongside launching Yucalab, she established Latinas in Media to support women entrepreneurs.

Holding certifications in YouTube Growth, Content Marketing, and SEO, her expertise has been instrumental in connecting B2B and B2C businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, contributing significantly to the growing US Hispanic Market.

Jose, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, is a dynamic communicator and journalist, passionate about travel, music, and sports. His journey began at RCN, a major Colombian channel, where he developed his skills in television production, contributing to acclaimed shows like “Ecomoda (Yo soy Betty la fea)” and “Francisco el Matemático.” His quest for growth led him to Barcelona, Spain, where he delved deeper into Audiovisual Communication and later pursued a Master’s in Business Communication and Marketing.

In a career spanning multinational companies across Spain and the United States, Jose has become a versatile content creator, adept in both B2C and B2B marketing, especially in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. His professional journey encompassed significant events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions & Europa League during his tenure as a Digital Content Producer at Univision Sports. Additionally, he broadened his expertise by serving as a Production Coordinator for photoshoots and music videos, collaborating with renowned artists like Wisin, Los Temerarios, Zion & Lennox, and Ricky Martin.

At Yucalab, Jose applies his extensive knowledge and experience to play a key role in advancing the agency’s innovative content marketing and SEO strategies and forging meaningful connections with the Hispanic Market.

The Yucalab Team

Alison Castelblanco | Yucalab Team

Alison Castelblanco

Project Manager & Podcast Producer

Franchesca Guim | Yucalab Team

Franchesca Guim

Social Media & Content Strategist

Alex González | Yucalab Team

Alex González


Iván Sánchez | Yucalab Team

Iván Sánchez

Web Design & Development

Paula Betancur | Yucalab Team

Paula Betancur

Podcast Editor

Andu Caro | Yucalab Team

Andru Caro

Branding & Graphic Design

Andu Caro | Yucalab Team

Caro Vivas Esser


Andu Caro | Yucalab Team

Catalina Baez

Translator & Proofreader

Why Yucalab?

Why Choose Yucalab?

At Yucalab, we’re more than just experts – we’re a part of the Hispanic Market. This deep connection gives us an unparalleled understanding of your target audience. Let us help you create real, lasting connections with content and strategies that are crafted just for you.

Partnering with us means your message is in good hands. Whether you’re a company, an advertising agency, or a marketing department, we’re here to supercharge your outreach efforts. We’re experts in crafting new content and fine-tuning your existing campaigns through Spanish Transcreation, ensuring they resonate perfectly with the Hispanic audience.
Our goal is to make your message impactful and culturally relevant while staying true to the spirit of your original ideas.

With Yucalab, your message isn’t just heard; it resonates and connects.

Our Values


We’re dedicated to delivering top-tier services that consistently yield exceptional results.


Your goals and success are at the forefront of everything we do; we’re here to lead you towards achieving them.


Our work is fueled by genuine passion and love for what we do, ensuring that every project is infused with enthusiasm and purpose.


Together, we harness the power of collaboration to cultivate fresh ideas, spark inspiration, and foster creativity in every endeavor.